Your Engaged, Now What?

4 steps you should take leading up to your wedding

Wedding Planning | 30 AUGUST 2016

An engagement is a beautiful and special moment in a couples life, it signifies the beginning of an exciting adventure where two souls choose to walk through life together leaning on each other.  An adventure that will see you looking at wedding venues, choosing flowers, picking a wedding dress, planning your table seating, cake tasting and more. All of which lead up to a day you have envisioned since saying 'yes', a wedding day you will remember for years to come that reflects two personalities becoming one.

Sometimes knowing where to start planning for your wedding can be overwhelming, with so many little details to organise and plan. Who who knew getting married could get so stressful. But do not fret, we're here to help, with 5 simple steps you can take to make planning your wedding a seamless and fun journey.


1) Budget Budget Budget!

Deciding what your budget will be and sticking to it is the most important step in planning your wedding, after setting a date of course. Your budget will guide you with regards to what you can afford and what you shouldn't even be looking at. The last thing you want to do is to torture yourself by trying on a wedding dress and falling in love with it, only to have to leave it at the store because you can't afford it.


When putting together your budget, figure out if it will only be you as the couple contributing to your wedding or will your parents also be contributing and if so how much. Be careful of falling into the trap of letting those who contribute to your wedding dictate what your wedding should be like. Once your budget is set in stone, go to the bank to open a savings account where you can deposit the cash you will be needing for your



2) Decide On The Venue

The type of wedding you want along with the budget will determine the type of venue you will choose from. Choosing a venue in good time is important as your first choice may be booked, and if it is you may need to be flexible about moving your wedding day, if not keep looking. Choose a venue that appeals to the both of you, your wedding theme, and will take great pictures.


Some couples may opt to get married in their backyard, which reduces their wedding costs dramatically, but this means you have to now look for a caterer since some most formal venues come with catering. Make sure you take into consideration the past years weather patterns, and make plans for possible rainy weather if you're planning a garden wedding in case the weather changes

Love is not about how much you say 'i love you' but how much you can prove that it's true

3) Guest List

The number of people you will be inviting to your wedding affect your budget greatly, and to some degree your venue choice. The wedding guest list tends to be quite personal to the type of cultural preferences, personality preferences of the couple and the budget. Take into consideration if you'll be inviting your friends and family with the significant others or not or only a select few can, choose wisely lest you step on some toes.


Choosing to have two weddings can affect how many people you invite to the white wedding and who gets invited and who doesn't. More often than not the white wedding gets a larger budget and fewer invitees than the traditional wedding. Take not that choosing to invite some people to the traditional wedding only and not the white wedding will leave a bitter taste in some peoples mouths, so be prepared for the backlash. Ensure to invite people who are part of your life, who you know will genuinely be happing for you on your big day.



4) Get Inspired

Now that all the serious stuff is out of the way, it's time to let your imagination go wild, in the bounds of your budget of course. Your wedding is the perfect occasion to express yourself in a bold and authentic way. Make it reflect who you are as a couple, whether its a diamond and pearls theme or a simple rustic look and feel. if you're not sure what type of theme you fancy, start with what your favourite Colour(s) are, and take it from there. If a colour doesn't come to mind, check out some inspirations boards to get a feel of what you like.


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