The perfect Thank You’re for Your Guests
Gratitude Wherever you go, anywhere in the world a “thank you” is always welcome. Giving your guests party favours lets them know that you appreciate their presence and taking the time out of their schedule to celebrate with you. We’ve collated the most adorable, cutest, luxurious and quirky party favours that you can use for your special day. There’s a plethora of wedding favours that you can give your guests, from simple budget conscious gifts to opulent favours on the higher end. No matter what budget you’re working with there are many ideas you can use for your celebratory guests. “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”



This is a cute and humorous way of thanking your guests. Not too sure if the guest who don’t drink alcohol will know quite what to do with a shot glass, maybe drink orange juice shots. Inscribing your wedding day and names on the glass give it that extra touch, giving your guests something to remember your big day by.



A personal and heart-warming party favour is a photo frame to savour and capture the moment. It’s a beautiful memento that your guests are sure to appreciate. Adding a ribbon around the gift or gifting the photo frame in a gift box gives it that extra special touch.



This is a simple yet practical gift that your guests can enjoy the moment they take their seat at the table. There are different sweets and pastries you can wrap up into a delicious looking favour that will have your guests anxious to open them up and taste away. This favour can also serve as a prelude to what your guests can expect of your wedding cake, and how it tastes. You can gift macaroons, cake, chocolate, honey or a gift that pops like popcorn seeds or even a small batch of olive oil.

4. Something For Your Wine


These wine stoppers look and feel sophisticated. This is a great gift for wine lovers and wine connoisseurs alike. Those who like to pop bottles will love this gift.

5. A little Treat For Your Dancing Feet


Flip flops are a humorous gift for your guests. It’s a light-hearted way of giving your female guests a break from their sky-high heels after a session of painting the dance floor with their steps. For the guys its more something they can wear at home, keeping those toes refreshed with cool air.

6. Let Love Light The Way For Love


Nothing smells as fresh as the scent of scented candles. Scented candles are a cute and thoughtful way of saying thank you. Your guests can use these incase of a power outage or to simply make the room smell better.

7. A Plant to Symbolise New Beginnings


Who doesn’t need a low maintenance plant in their home. A cactus plant is a cute favour to gift your guests, and what says new beginnings in a marriage like a plant sprouting out.

8. A Miniature Bottle


Miniature wine and champange bottles are a less expensive way of thanking your gusts for celebrating their special day with you. You get to give your guests a taste of something expensive and luxurious with a third of the cost.

9. Don’t Be Blinded By Our Love


Gifting your guests sunglasses for your wedding is a quirky idea. This is not only a cool idea but it also shades your guests eyes from the sun in an outdoor event. You can make the sunglasses for the guys white and for the girls pink, or make all the sunglasses frames black.

10. Coasters To Be Remembered By


Coasters are a great idea to gift your guests with, they serve an everyday function, so your guests will surely appreciate this gift.

10. I Met My Match, So The Hunt Is Over


What better way to say you’ve met your match than with a box of matches. Matches also ignite a spark of fire that can be likened to the spark that ignites between two people who love each other.

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