It’s in the little details
Mind The Details As the saying goes “the devil is in the detail”. When it comes to planning your wedding, there are over a million things to plan, so it’s no wonder certain things go forgotten falling on the wayside. Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task, especially on a short timeline and with a full-time job. There are a plethora of details you need to check and ensure get done, like a catering menu that caters to all your guests, getting the right vendors, logistics etc. Some of these details can be the deciding factor whether your wedding gets remembered for the right reasons or it gets remembered for the wrong ones. We break down the top essential details that you need to take note of and ‘nip the devil’ in the bud, ensuring your wedding goes off without a hitch, giving you peace of mind and leaving you to enjoy your big day the way you were meant to.


Do a Light Inspection of Your Venue Check the lighting that your venue has, will it be adequate for the type of theme and ambiance you want to set for your wedding. Ask yourself what type of lighting would you like for the different areas of your venue, do you want your dance-floor to be lit brightly, do you want uplighting and if so where, do you want a spotlight for your first dance, do you want the lighting to change throughout the day, do you want coloured lighting etc. And allocate a budget for it. Mind the Weather: Before setting your wedding date, check the weather patterns for the previous year for the day you would like to host your wedding on. If the weather man says there has mostly been rain in the past, have a contingency plan if you plan to have your wedding under the open sky. Setting aside a budget for a marquee just in-case it rains is a good idea even though that day usually has sunny weather. The last thing you want is to have last minute expenses that break your budget. Getting You & Your Bridesmaids Ready in Time For ceremonies that start earlier in the day it’s important to wake up in time so your wedding starts on time. Making guests wait 2 to 3 hours for your matrimonial ceremony to start is not ok! A long delay leaves your wedding guests hungry later because everything gets pushed back including the food. Know how long it will take for one person’s hair and makeup to be done, and allocate enough time before the ceremony to get this done. Don’t forget to leave at least an hour after hair and make is done for pictures. After the wedding day has come and gone that’s all you’ll have, the video too.
Setup A Simple Website Prior to Sending Your Invitation Cards Setting up a website for your wedding can seem like an unnecessary expense but it can prove to be quite useful for you and your guest. For your international guests or guests coming from far, knowing which places they can chose from to find accommodation at what prices can be very helpful. You can also provide directions to your wedding venue on your site, transport schedules for those who need transport and other relevant information.
What Will Your Guests Be Doing While You Take Pictures? After your matrimonial service is done and you and your new husband are off to take your first pictures as husband and wife, your guests shouldn’t be twiddling their thumbs waiting for you to come back in an hour or two. Serving your guests finger food and having a photobooth or two can be a great way to keep your guests from being hangry (hungry + angry) while you strike a pose. Another cool Idea is get your guests to record short clips of themselves wishing you well in front of one of the camera men you hired.
Be Prepared To Provide Extra Seating We all have that one special relative or friend who will bring a whole entourage with him even though the invite only said plus one. Or that uncle who doesn’t believe in RSVP’s. Be prepared to get extras who weren’t on the original guest-list coming to your wedding, the last thing you want is to have people standing around looking lost.
Designate a Photo Coordinator A photographer will most likely not know who your family members are, so it’s important to, get two members of your family, one from each side who will get the relevant family members when it’s time to take photo’s. This ensures no one is left out. Don’t forget to include the url (website address) in your invitation card

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