Great Ways to Display Your Cakes Wedding Planning | 30 AUGUST 2016

The wedding cake is more than a piece of delicious sponge that has been beautifully decorated and embellished, it forms an intricate part of your wedding décor and celebration.


The cutting of the cake for the bride and groom symbolizes two minds coming together in the symbolic act of joining hands and cutting cake together – moving forward as one in their new life. One thing you don’t want to skimp over is how you will present your cake. Make your cake a pivotal part of your celebration, after all that part is also on your wedding programme. Have your cake designed according to your personality giving it as much attention as the rest of your wedding details.

Frame your cake
A little show-time
 Crystal & flowers

Incorporating your initials in lights can be a quirky and unique way to add your own personal touch to your wedding décor, and have your name shine bright in lights.

Hanging a beautifully decorated cake golden frame in front of your cake or as a backdrop accentuates and focuses attention to your wedding cake, making it look that much more beautiful.

This is adding a little decadence to the conventional wedding cake display, by adding flowers above the cake with crystal flowing from the side of the cake.

 Cake cover
The floating cake.

If the venue where you are hosting your weddings allows for this, it’s a beautiful way to display your cake in an unconventional way that will leave your guest in awe. Having lots of flowers around the cake makes it look that much more ethereal and romantic.

This is going all out to display your wedding cake in the most grand and opulent way. If your budget allows why not? Letting the cake float gives it that extra touch and feel of a luxurious wedding.

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